Monday, December 27, 2010

Kringle Spends the Day Outside!

I hope you all had a very nice weekend.
I know I did.
It was full of rest and apples and SUNSHINE.

Yes, you read that correctly.
We had some sun.
It was so nice to see.

Since the sun came out the publicist decided that little Kringle should spend the day outside.
It was still chilly so he kept his little coat on.
He is a smart little kid.
The first thing he did was go to my favorite basking spot and sit down.

Hmmm, now I could not bask.
But I guess it was in a good cause.
Mallory and I looked out for little Kringle.
You know how I like to protect the new kids.

Mallory kept a good eye on him.
She is also licking him up a storm.

New nannies want to make sure they keep their kids clean!

Kringle is even starting to nibble some hay.

But most of all he like to nap.

There isn't much better than napping in the sun, is there?
Kringle enjoyed his day out in the doe pen but he was also happy to get back to the barn and to his heat lamp.

There will be lots of pictures of the new kid on the Farm this week plus an update as to how Brewster is faring in the buck pen.

I hope all you humans had a wonderful Christmas. 
We goats were treated quite well. 
We had apples all weekend long!
The publicist and the male person said we deserved them because we are such good goats.

Smart humans, they.


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