Monday, December 6, 2010

I MAAAAED and MAAAAED and Put my Hooves Down

It's true!
I have had it!
I am officially tired of the snow.

I told the publicist in no uncertain maaas it MUST go away.
When she came to our pen I came running.

I had my opinion ready and waiting for her.

In fact I kept my opinion on my face the whole time I was maaaing at her.

She knew EXACTLY how I felt about this cold, white stuff on the ground.
I maaaed to her that she had better get rid of it and get rid of it FAST.

She looked at me and asked just what did I expect her to do.
Well, shovel it or something I maaaed.

I think she is still on the ground laughing.

Is this any way to treat a goat?


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