Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How is Brewster Doing?

Before Kringle joined the world little Brewster had been moved into the buck pen.
If you recall, he was NOT a happy goat.
A little time has passed now - so how do you think Brewster is doing?

Well, for the most part Brewster and Luke are getting along just fine.
Luke minds his business and Brewster does his thing.

Which is mostly eat.
Brewster likes to eat.
But he IS a growing buck.

There was one bad altercation. It was good the publicist was there.
Luke was doing the goat stomp at Brewster.
He had Brewster in the corner and he must have butt him pretty good.
He somehow got Brewster's head stuck under his horn.

When the publicist saw them all she saw was Brewster's little legs pointed straight up in the air. She was very upset. She had to push his little head out from between Luke's horn and the side of Luke's head. It wasn't easy. She was afraid of hurting Brewster.  When she was done Brewster just ran over to the hay pile and started eating again.

This photo is NOT from that event. The publicist was too upset to be taking pictures.

She guessed he was OK.
From that point on Brewster has just given Luke a wide berth.
But the publicist watches Luke VERY closely.

She does not want anything to happen to little Brewster.


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