Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are Happy the Male Person is Home

We were so happy to see the male person today.
Even though he does not take care of us we still like him a lot.
We miss him when he is not here.

He told us he had lots of fun on his trip to Vermont.
He went to school in this place called Vermont - he lived there for 10 years.
One place he lived was a town called Brattleboro. 

He showed us some pictures.
This is the fire station in the town where he used to live

Of course he would visit the fire station being fire chief and all.
He toured around all the places he used to visit when he was young.
Before he was "old and married."

He brought this picture home because he thought the publicist would like it.

Windham County Courthouse in Newfane, VT
 She did.
He also probably took it because he used to be a lawyer.

This is the West River.

It looks a bit like my river. Plus I see lots of good things to munch.
I wonder why the male person did not take ME on his trip.

I would have had no problem with a TSA agent checking my udder.
I have nothing to hide.


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