Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reflections on My Home

We goats are prone to ruminating.
It's what we do.
Sometimes I ruminate on what I eat and sometimes I ruminate on where I live.
I love my Happy Goats Farm - Abby notwithstanding.
It's beautiful here.

Sometimes if the publicist lets us out early in the morning I get to see pretty sunrises like this.

Although I have to admit to not being a morning goat.
And just between all of you and me - the publicist is not a morning publicist.
Don't tell her I told you that, OK?

It is Fall here and we do have some trees that turn color.
This year has been particularily pretty.

These are tamarack trees and their leaves become a delicious golden yellow.
It would be wonderful if you could be here to see them - they are much lovelier in person
I wish I had some to munch!

We also get some interesting light on our mountains.
Especially if a storm is coming through.

That is not snow on that mountain that is sunlight peaking through the clouds

I like to watch and see what will glow next.
As long as we are not being visited by aliens.
I don't want to be whisked away in a space ship.
I like it right here on the Happy Goats Farm.


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