Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not So Happy Goats

I have a secret.
It's a big secret.
The male person has been away.
He went on a trip.

To a place called Vermont.
He's been gone for a week.
This is why the publicist has not had her camera.

He will be home today and that makes me and the other goats very happy.
What makes us not happy is this:

Did you see that?
It snowed yesterday!
We do not like snow.
As I have said many a time I am an African goat. I and the others like it warm.
This snow stuff is ridiculous.

The male person is upset he missed the snow.
Well, he can have it - it should have snowed in that place called Vermont.

Did you hear my studmuffin calling for me?
He is so sweet - even if he did dance the rhumba with Abby yesterday.


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