Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Did The Publicist See....?

The publicist looked out her window and what did she see?
I will tell you!
Two goats in the neighbor's field!
That's what.

Mallory and Marion had somehow gotten out of the goat pen.
How did they do it?

Through a hole in the fence!
The chickens had made a wallow and they were going in the neighbors field and somehow Mallory managed to fit under too.


The publicist was NOT happy.
She yelled for Mallory and Marion to return.


Mallory skulked but did not come back.

They both looked further afield as if they were going to run away!
(Please, please, please! Mallory is a bullygoat!)
But they came back. 

Be sure to come back tomorrow when I will announce little No-Name's new name and the winner of my rich soap!


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