Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Visit From a DOG Part II

You will recall that before all of the excitement over the early arrival of little No-Name
we were visited by a DOG.

A dog named Shmoo.

After he looked at us from a distance he decided to get a closer look.

He wanted to sniff me!
He wanted to LICK me!

Can you imagine such a thing?

Then his publicist lifted him up so he could see us better and I got a better look at him.
A better look at what he really wanted to to do me.

Just look at those claws!
He could really give me a good swipe.

I figured I would let Abby talk to him.

Abby always knows how to deal with these things.

But she wanted nothing to do with him either.
She did not like his claws.
She did not like this DOG.

This DOG named Shmoo.

Would you?


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