Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today I am a ReviewGoat: Goat Health Care by Cheryl Smith

As you saw yesterday I was reading a book.
I don't read too many books because well, usually I eat books.
They taste very good you know. You should try one!

But this book was of interest to me because it was about goats.
I am a goat!
It is all about Goat Health Care. It is written by a woman named Cheryl K. Smith and guess what?!
She has Nigerian dwarf goats just like me and most of the herd here at the Happy Goats Farm.
Isn't that cool?

She publishes a magazine called Ruminations.
I should maaaa at her. I am an expert at ruminating.
Maybe she needs a new reporter.

But back to the book.
I enjoyed reading it. So did the publicist
It is full of great information for anyone looking to learn all 
about MY favorite subject - goats.
It is easy to read and written in a way that is easy to understand even if you don't know
anything about goats. Although I don't know how anyone could not know anything about goats!

I was reading the section about after kidding so I could teach Sarah how to be a good
Nanny. She is being somewhat forgetful about Brewster and I think she needs a little
reminder that she is a mother.

So if any of you are thinking about getting goats - an idea that I think is brilliant and I wonder why you haven't gotten some of us already - or if you want a good reference book
for your goat library I recommend Goat Health Care to you.

But don't eat it because then you can't look up all the good information.
The author also wrote Raising Goats for Dummies - I will not comment on the publicist and
this subject.

I still want my treats.
I am no dummy!

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this nice book to eat read. I told you what I thought about it. I was honest. I was not paid for telling you what I thought although the publicist did give me some apples today. But she also gave me apples yesterday.


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