Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sarah and ?

As I mentioned late yesterday we had quite the surprise around the Farm.
And it wasn't Abby's temper tantrum for missing her day to post on the blog.
(A temper tantrum from Abby is NEVER a surprise!)

Sarah the goat was not due to have her kid until late October.
But she or her little buckling decided October 1st was a good day for kidding.
He is a cute little guy and he is my grandkid!

Instead of the publicist and male person picking a name I said I wanted my readers to help name him so I am going to have a contest!
I am asking you to put in suggestions for names and then the publicist will pick her favorite.

I am going to give a prize!
Three bars of my rich soap!
But to make things fair I will let pick the winner for the soap.
Sometimes the publicist is weird in the names she picks for the kids around this place....

But back to Sarah.
She was a lucky doe. 
She got a whole bowl of apples all to herself!


A whole bowl!
Can you imagine?
I never got a whole bowl of apples after kidding. But then I never had kids during apple season.

The new baby is mostly black with a white splotch on his head and on one side.


Luke sure does make a lot of kids that look like this.
He also makes a lot of bucklings. The male person is not happy about this.

So here are the rules for the naming contest:

1. enter your choice for the new kid's name in the comments.
2. be sure to leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win.
3. I will take entries for one week - the poor thing will need a name soon you know - so the contest will end on October 9th.
4. will pick the winner of the 3 bars of soap and the publicist will pick her favorite name for my grandkid.
5. you can enter as many names as you like but don't be silly. 


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