Monday, October 4, 2010

No-Name Comes Down to the Big Pen

It was a big day for little No-Name.
He came down to the big pen.
Of course I wanted to lick him.

You know how much I like to lick little goatlings.

It's because I really, really, REALLY want a goatling of my own.

But I am retired now.
As much as I beg the publicist she says, "NO!"
She says it is for my better health.
That I am too old.
That if I were to get pregnant I could die.

I guess I don't want to die.
But I do like little goatlings.

I MAAAAAAA it to the rooftops!

Sarah was pretty good about me wanting to lick her kid.
I am glad of that.

Little No-Name soon got tired of all the attention.
He just wanted a drink.

Then he went to sleep.
Aaaaah, goatlings!

There are lots of cute names rolling in. Be sure to keep them coming.
You can give your suggestions for what to name No-Name HERE 
The publicist will pick her favorite and will pick a winner for three bars of
my rich soap!


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