Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brewster Has His First Taste of Corn Stalk

When the publicist first brought the corn stalks into the pen we goats got very excited.
I think this might have scared little Brewster a bit because he did this...

That's right!
He hopped into the hay feeder.
I think he felt safer there.

But he soon joined in with the rest of us to enjoy the tasty treat.
He went first with his nanny so she could show him how to enjoy the stalk.

This time Sarah was a good maaaammy and shared with little Brewster.
She is sometimes forgetful about having a kid.
I am working with her and reminding her that she has to take care of him.

She shared her stalk with him which was nice.

Then Brewster went off on his own to find some more to eat.
Nora the goat didn't like where he was looking.

It was HER pile!

He eventually found a safe spot and dug deep to find some stalk.


I would say he really enjoyed his first taste of corn stalk.
I am sure it won't be his last.


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