Friday, October 29, 2010

AbbyDay - Who Cares What the Publicist Says?

Not me!
The publicist was bringing us down from the barn and I spotted some tasty grass.
I haven't had tasty grass in a while so I ran over to it and started to munch.

It was delicious.
The publicist was yelling something about me getting in my pen but I ignored her.
Did I mention the grass was tasty?

Why haven't I had tasty grass in a while you ask? 
Well, it has nothing to do with me breaking into the chicken house and eating their grain every time I was let loose to graze.
I don't care what the publicist says.
That wasn't me.
That was some other black goat.

So I just kept on grazing.

I didn't listen to her saying things I cannot repeat on a family blog.
I didn't care about all the things she had to get done.
I wanted to eat the tasty grass.
So there publicist.

So there.
Catch me if you can!


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