Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Visit from a DOG - Part I

As I showed you yesterday the publicist had a friend stop by and she brought her DOG.
We goats don't like DOGS.
DOGS chase goats.

At least every DOG I have every met has chased me.
It is not nice to chase a goat!

You can see that I was on high alert when I peered out of my pen and saw this DOG.


I was not happy about this visit.
Oh no! Not.At.All.

The publicist's friend was very nice.
But not this DOG, this DOG named Shmoo.


She wanted to get into my pen.
MY pen.

I am very glad the publicist did not allow this.

NONE of us were very happy about the visiting DOG.


And then the DOG had the nerve to appear bored with US.


Can you imagine such a thing?
Next time I will butt this Shmoo and then we will know who is boss!

If I am not running too fast in the other direction.....


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