Sunday, September 12, 2010

Someone is Looking Fat and Their Udder is Showing

I am one proud nanny.
I am going to be a grandnanny soon.
That's right!
My kid Sarah is going to have kids very soon.

She is really starting to show.

And most telling of all - since this is her first time - her udder is starting to drop.

Just look at that udder!

And look at how plump Sarah has gotten!

Not that she cares for all of this attention. In fact she kept trying to act nonchalent

Well she better get used to it!
The publicist loves to take these unflattering pictures of us when we are pregnant.

This is what Sarah had to say...

I can't say that I blame her.

Her kids are due at the end of October.
It will be fun to have little kids again.
I love being a grandnanny.

Now I am not so sure I will love being a great-grandnanny!
That's right!
When Nora has her kids next spring she will make me a great grandnanny.
Can I really be that old?


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