Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Question Answered

As I am sure you are aware the Farm cats live a rough life around these parts.
I was asked how they sleep.
If they manage to find somewhere safe to bed down at night.

I will be honest...
They do not have a warm barn to go into every night like we goats do.
They do not have nice hay to rest on.

They are forced to sleep in horrible conditions!
It is deplorable.
Just look for yourself.

Poor Sherpa...

Look how uncomfortable Stinky is...

And Harry?

Harry has to sleep in the publicist's sweater drawer.

Can you imagine such a thing?
The horror.

Poor Pumpkin could not even be found. I think he was too depressed in his sleeping place.
The publicist mentioned something about the box with the sleeping bags.

Those poor, poor Farm cats.


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