Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exciting News! I am Going to be a ReviewGoat Again!

It's true!
You know how much I love being a ReviewGoat!
And it's not just because I get extra grain....
OK, maybe that plays a bit of a role.
But I love to try new things.

Hey! Maybe I'll get to try new grain!

Probably not. CSNStores.com sells a LOT of things but the last time I looked grain was not
in their over 200 stores.
I think I will have to maaaaaa to them about that.
It is a SERIOUS lack.

I am wanting to dress up my goat house a bit.
It is just plain drabby. (It's because of Abby - she does not take care of anything!)
I thought some nice end tables would help.

It would give us goats some new seating.
You humans don't sit on your end tables?
Then why are they called END tables if not for your ends?

Silly humans!

These look perfect!

Avenue Six Slick Cube Occasional Table

They are bright and colorful and a nanny could keep her kid close by having it sleep inside.
I cannot think of a nicer addition to a goat house.

Although if one is a goat without kids one can go for a more upscale look. I mean if you
don't have to worry about all that kid play or losing your kid and such. A retired goat, like me! I like this one; it's simple and classic and strong enough to hold up to any size end you might have visiting.

New River Outdoor Savannah 18" Side Table

Plus it will fit in with any goat house decor.
So I guess I will have to do some ruminating. Do I decorate for ME or do I decorate for the herd?

I guess since I am still living with the herd....

Disclosure:  This is a post in advance of a review. I received no monetary compensation for writing it. I did not even get any extra grain for writing two posts in one day. Harumph to that too!


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