Friday, September 17, 2010

AbbyDay - ApplePalooza!

It is a time of bounty here on the Farm.
And we goats are very, very lucky.
The same friend of the male person who gave us the cabbages gave us this...

That's right!
It's a big bucket of apples.
I saw them this morning when I came out of the barn and the publicist had a very hard time getting me into the pen.  
I wanted to eat ALL of those apples.
I did not want to share.

But the publicist did not let that happen.

She did bring us a few (a paltry few if you ask me) of the apples later in the day.
It was such an exciting time it will take more than one blog post to tell you about it.

And this is AbbyDay any way. I will show you photos of ME!
Me enjoying the apples.
I had to stay on the other side of the fence because of Matthew and Mallory.
(They are bully goats, you know)

Matthew kept jumping up and trying to eat ALL of the apples himself.
This is why the publicist wears ugly clothes in the goat pen.
As you can see, stupid Pricilla tried to horn in on MY apples.

But I leaned in and went for it

and I scored the apple!
Oh, they are sooooo tasty!

More please!

Then the publicist left!
She left to give other goats apples!
How could she do such a thing!

I gave her my goat stare of death!
'But it didn't work...

I was sad. But at least I got some apples.

If you come back tomorrow you will see how everyone else enjoyed their treat!


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