Friday, September 24, 2010

AbbyDay - Abby Says Adopt a Hard to Adopt Pet

It's AbbyDay and today I am going to share some disturbing news with you.
Did you know that there are lots of poor animals in shelters that don't have a home?
Did you know that most of these animals are older dogs and cats?

Well, I am telling you that this is true.

And I am Abbygoat so you know I don't lie!

These loving dogs and cats are looking for their forever home.

If you are looking for a great pet the best place to look is at a shelter.
You can see we have a widget on our blog where you can go see the wonderful pets available for adoption all around the country.
Just click on the widget and you can learn all about some "hard to adopt" pets.

Click on the widget NOW!

These are the older pets or pets with maybe some problems.
Don't rule them out. They are still full of love.

Just like me.
I'm full of love....for Abby.


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