Thursday, August 5, 2010

What WAS Luke Looking At?

Yesterday I posted about my studmuffin looking at something outside of his pen....

I asked what you all thought it might be.
Many of you thought it was one of us does.
While Luke does spend a lot of his time watching us this time he was focussing on something else.

The male person had been busy over the weekend and Luke was looking at this

What is that you ask?
It is Luke's old fence.
The fence that was full of holes that the publicist had to weave back together with baling twine. 
It was no longer holding my studmuffin in his pen and he was escaping too many times and driving the publicist crazy.

So now he has brand new, hole free fencing.

Isn't it pretty?

I'm not sure Luke thinks so.
How long do you think it will stay that way?

Especially since he kept making running charges at it.
Crazy Luke!

He now spends most of his day patrolling the new fence looking for weak spots and staring out at us with a mournful look on his face.

I feel sorry for my poor studmuffin but he must wait until the right time for the rhumba.

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