Monday, August 16, 2010

We Goats are Worried!

It is true!
Why you ask?
Because Stinky and Sherpa the Farm cats are plotting!

Plotting, I maaaaa!

I saw them together the other day.

You saw the proof that Sherpa has been stalking us on AbbyDay.
He was hiding in the tall grasses just watching us graze.

Why would he do that if he were not planning to pop out and do something?
Then he went out and met with Stinky the Farm cat.

They tried to look nonchalant but I knew better!

They had a bit of a cat conference.
Shared a few quiet meows.

Then looked carefully to make sure they weren't being observed.
(Little did they know I was indeed watching them!)

Then Stinky left and Sherpa settled in to begin their nefarious plot.
What it is I still don't know but I am watching them!

I will let you know if and when I learn anything.
I, Pricilla goat am on the case!


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