Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sherpa the Farm Cat Grazes (?)!

Sherpa the Farm cat is hard to keep inside any more. 
He runs out the door almost tripping the publicist in the process.
She has given up. He is such a big boy now she does not feel the eagle is going to fly away with him.
He stays close to the yurt.
There is not much she can do.
She sighs a lot.

He seems to like the grass as much as we do.
I am not sure I like this competition.
We goats are supposed to be the ones eating the grass around here.

Just look at this!
He sniffs...

He bites down...

He looks like he is smiling while he eats MY grass.

I am going to talk to the publicist about this.
Just what am I going to eat if this cat is munching all the good greens.?


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