Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Studmuffin Gets a Surprise Visitor

We got to enjoy some more tasty corn husks today.
My studmuffin got his own pile to munch on.
He was enjoying them when he was interrupted!

Mallory the goat was trying to STEAL his corn husks!

She had already had her own pile.
You would think that would have been enough.

But not for Mallory!
She finaly left and he went back to munching.

But what is this?

A small brown goat eating my studmuffin's husks!

Marion the goat had broken into his pen to steal his snack.
Baaaaad Marion. Baaaad, baaad, baaaad!

She was encouraged to leave by the publicist and Luke went back to nomming BY HIMSELF.
As it should be, again!

He then gave the goat stare of death to the publicist so she left too.
I wouldn't mess with that stare, would you?


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