Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mmmmm, I Enjoy My Carrot Tops in Peace

I know a goat shouldn't blog with her mouth full...

But I have to tell you how nice the publicist was to me!
She let me eat my carrot tops before all the other goats!
Wasn't that sweet?

She knows I am getting a bit old now and I can't fight them off like I used to.
Heh heh
Little does she know I just put on an act so I get special treatment.
Don't tell her, OK?
It will be our secret!

This way I got to eat my carrot tops in peace.
I could stand and enjoy each dainty little nibble.

I could rest my stomachs.

I could really relish my treat.

I know it is not lady like at all to have greens coming out of my mouth like this but
carrot tops are just SO tasty!

It wasn't long before the other goats came roaring in for their treat.
I know I can't have them ALL....

Or can I?
That would be very selfish of me though and I am not a selfish goat.
Most of the time.

I will have to ruminate on this.
I will let you know on Thursday what I decided.


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