Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marion Shows You the Best Way to Eat Hay

Marion the goat seems to think SHE knows the best way to eat hay.

She is only a kid!
How could she possibly know the best way to eat hay?
How could she know better than the rest of us goats?

Harumph I say, Harumph!

But so as not to seem like an old goat who can't learn new tricks I will watch.
With my back turned.... 

As Marion the Goat demonstrates this supposedly great technique.
So here she is 

I know...she is cute. 
But that has nothing to do with eating hay!

Oh Wow! She does get right in that feeder, doesn't she?

She is buried in the hay!

I don't think big goats can do that though. Our heads won't fit!
This is hay eating for kids.
Hmmmmm, maybe that is the whole plot plan.

Do you trust that face?
She does look like she enjoyed her hay....


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