Monday, August 23, 2010

Luke the Goat Keeps Watch Even While Eating Carrot Tops

I thought it was time my studmuffin has some time on the blog.
I don't show him much I know.
I like to keep him to myself.

I am sure all you human women out there understand this.
But he is such a good billy goat.
He takes care of all of us.

Even when he is eating his treat of carrot tops he is keeping watch to make sure that nothing is going to hurt us does.

Just look!
First he gives his carrot tops a good sniff. And a taste test.

They sure do smell good!

But even as he is busy enjoying their fresh flavor...

He looks one way

And then the other
 To keep his eyes on what is going on around the Farm.
He doesn't miss a trick!

Or a carrot top!


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