Sunday, August 8, 2010

Helping the Male Person, Again!

It is fire season here in Montana and the male person has been working hard to make the Farm FireSafe.
As part of that he cut down a little spruce tree that had been growing.
The publicist was upset because she liked the little spruce tree but she understood why it had to go. She did say that if it had to be cut down at least he could feed it to the goats because she knew how much we loved to eat tree.

It was a good opportunity for Mallory to introduce this yummy treat to Marion.

 Mallory made sure Marion knew where the best nibbles could be found.

Mallory really enjoyed munching on the green, tasty needles. She made sure to tell the male person how much she liked them.

And Marion learned quickly! 

She now loves tree as much as we big goats do!

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