Monday, August 30, 2010


The corn harvest is starting to come it!
That is exciting news for us goats.
Very exciting news.

Because we get the corn husks.
Mmmm, corn husks.'
Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of year?

The publicist took a video of us enjoying our corn husks.
You will see that I looked a little reticent in this video but I was only acting.
I WANTED the publicist to hand feed me.
I am a special goat so I deserve special treatment.
Don't you agree?

I hope you enjoyed this video of all of us enjoying our corn husks.
Don't worry about my studmuffin. He got some corn husks too.
The publicist is just not adept at editing her videos.

Did you hear the wind blowing?
It was quite chilly yesterday. Not at all like August should be.


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