Friday, August 13, 2010

AbbyDay: I Show You the Best Places to Eat on the Farm

It's AbbyDay! My favorite day of the week.
And guess what? This is the 601st post of the blog and I, Abby, am writing it.
Stupid Pricilla didn't even realize she wrote #600 so I am going to celebrate #601.

I am going to take you on a tour of the best places to eat on the Farm.
After all I know best!
You all should know that by now.

Come on! follow me!
First we will check out the tasty nibbles to be found in the male person's old junk wood pile.

Lots of tender weeds grow in between the pieces of wood. Some of the goats don't realize how much there is to be found here.

I ALWAYS find the best.
AND I don't share. It's the Abby way.

Next I check out the new wood the male person added to the wood pile from the spruce tree he cut down.

There are lichens all over it.
Mmmm, lichens. Nothing like a slighty dried out lichen to brighten a goat's day.

Sometimes you really have to get your snout in the pile though, but it's worth it!

Then we head down the gulley for some great weed eating.

Sometimes this can be dangerous!
You never know what predators might be hiding in the tall grasses.

I complain to the publicist about this all the time but she does NOTHING about it.

I always find some delicious snacks while I am down here. 
Sometimes I am hard to find.

Not like wimpy Pricilla who stays and eats in the easy places.

But that is her loss because I, Abby, get the best eats on the Farm!

As you can see I really enjoy eating the yummy things that grow on the Farm and I hope you liked going on this gourmet tour with me.


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