Friday, August 6, 2010

AbbyDay: I Know How to Look Cool in the Heat

I know how to be a cool goat on a hot day!
I am not like the other animals around this Farm.
Oh no!
You will not see ME hiding under the male person's truck

I am much too dignified to try and think that is "cool."

No, I am a goat that revels in my Nigerian roots.
You won't see me hiding in the shade with the chickens.

Pfffft! The company some goats keep around this place.
Or just lying in the shade, deflated.

Not me!
I am a queenly goat.

I look regal in the sun. 
My fur shines!
I glow!

I am AbbyGoat!

Even the Farm cats were lacking dignity...just look at Pumpkin.

Hiding under the trailer looking all messy.

And Stinky was just all stretched out.
What are these cats thinking?
They need to be more like me!



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