Friday, August 27, 2010

AbbyDay - I Dance with Joy for Carrot Tops

I am sure you are all probably tired of hearing about our carrot top eating orgy.
But we goats LOVE our carrot tops.

As Pricilla mentioned in previous blog posts the publicist gave us each our OWN pile of carrot tops. This prevented some of the shoving and butting that sometimes went on with treats around this Farm.'
Not that I would ever have butt anygoat out of the way for a treat.

Not me!

I just went right up and took a big bite out of my pile of carrot tops.

Mmm, they are mighty tasty if I do say so myself.
You humans do not know what you are missing.

I just spent my time enjoying the fresh green taste and contemplating life

I thought I heard someone sneaking up on me.

But I was wrong, it was just the wind.
So I went back to enjoying my yummies.

I thank the male person for growing such good things!

I want to say for ALL of us goats that we would never, NEVER eat a redheaded person.

We just like the green parts on top of the carrots.


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