Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who is the New King of the Hay Pile?

I know I keep talking about the hay pile.
I can't help myself....
It's all that hay!

Even though we have all the yummy grass and weeds to eat there is just something about


The kids especially love to play in the hay pile.
Little Timmy was there yesterday and he climbed.
And climbed
And climbed some more until he got himself
All the way to THE TOP of the hay pile!
Can you believe your eyes?!
The publicist was not happy and she yelled at him to get down before he hurt himself.

He just looked at her.
Then she ran over there to get him and he started to hop down.

He saw that she was using the "publicist stare of death" so he took a flying leap...
....and got all the way down.
It is a shame the publicist didn't get a photo of either her stare of death or his flying leap.
Either one would have been entertaining.


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