Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today I am a ReviewGoat

Today is a very special day for me as I have a second job.
You will recall that the publicist thought that I didn't have enough to do since I was retired from being a milk goat.
She decided I should be a ReviewGoat as well as a SpokesGoat.

Initially I was not sure about this new job but now I am very happy about it.
You want to know why?

Because of this

I love grain.
So I am going to review for you the Le Creuset Onion Soup Bowl from
Now, I don't eat onion soup, I am a goat. 
But I do eat grain.
Mmmmm, grain!

The publicist brought me grain in this beautiful red bowl.
It had a spiffy little handle so she could serve me like I should be served since I AM Head Goat around here.

I was truly enjoying my grain out of this bowl until.....

You had to figure Abby would find a way to horn in on MY treat!

It seems she found the Le Creuset bowl to be an excellent vessel for grain as well.

Then little Timmy tried to horn in on the act!
This is MY review!

It was like a three ring circus!

Although I must say that little Timmy did look cute eating the grain. I am so proud of my grandkid growing up so big and strong.

Then I got to finish as it should be!

In my opinion this is a very nice bowl but I would not recommend it for feeding goats. There is not enough volume to feed all of us. And we tend to be erm, piggish about our grain.

The publicist though, loves the bowl for soups which she and the male person eat often. She has two of them.

HEY! Why didn't I get TWO bowls of grain then?!

She said that the service from CSN was exceptional; the bowls came well packaged and very quickly. She is very happy.

I am also to tell you that she has a giveaway over on HER BLOG for a $60.00 Gift Certificate to CSNStores so you can go out and buy something you like. Maybe you can get new
grain bowls Le Creuset Onion Soup Bowls for yourself!

Be sure to invite me over if you do, OK?

You can find CSNStores on Twitter and on Facebook too!

Disclosure:  The publicist received a credit to go shopping to buy something for me to review. For doing the review I got to eat grain. The publicist got to shop. Neither one of us received any money. Any opinions you read are either the publicist's opinions or her interpretations of my Maaaaas.


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