Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh I Love the Garden - and the Male Person

I have said it many times - I love when the garden starts to grow because that means we goats will end up getting some treats.
You saw how we got to eat some spinach.
Mmmm, spinach.
The other day we got to eat beet greans! You know how much we goats love our beet greans!

And to make it extra special the male person fed us himself!
Wasn't that nice of him?

He tried to make sure everyone got some yummy beet greans.
Starting with me of course!

Ooooh, they are tasty!

Abby seemed to be giving him some 'tude, don't you think?

I mean look at her face!
Maybe she was still mad at the twins leaving.

It was Sarah's first time eating beet greans so she wasn't too sure but she learned quickly.

Nora's too!

They both will have a lot to learn about the good stuff in the garden.
Won't that be fun?!

Tomorow you will see the rest of the beet grean eating orgy.
Thanks male person! We loved our treats!


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