Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Friend Julia Has Written a Book!

I cannot believe that I know a famous author!
I cannot believe that a famous author came and visited me and pet me on the head!

I mean, I know I am a famous SpokesGoat and all but being a famous author is something else all together.

You remember when I wrote about Julia and her family coming to visit - Julia writes the blog, Our Simple Life. Julia has now gone way beyond just writing a blog - that is right! Julia has written a book. It's all about her cat Bingo and his adventures on her Farm. 

It has been written for children 3 - 8 but the publicist loves the book and I know she is lots older than 8.


I am not allowed to read it because any time I get near a book I take a little nibble and then a little nibble becomes a big nibble and before you know it I have eaten the whole book.

The publicist does not like this for some reason.

It's called Bingo's Big Adventure. I have had a picture of it up on my blog for a while but the publicist has written a review of Julia's book and she is GIVING AWAY A COPY of it on her blog.

That Bingo loves to go out and run around and chase the chickens and the roosters on Julia's Farm. He also likes to climb trees! Look at this!

Julia took all of the pictures in the book herself. This makes me think she is a famous photographer too.

Hmmm, I wonder if she would come and do my headshot. I could use a new one.
She is probably too busy now though with book tours and autographs and stuff.
I hope she doesn't forget us little goats since she is all famous now.

If you want to buy Bingo's Big Adventure you can go to Bingo's Blog and find it in hardback or paperback. Or you can go to and find it HERE

Bingo also has his own Facebook page.
I wonder why I don't have a Facebook page! I am going to have to talk to the publicist about that.

So listen to this SpokesGoat and check it all out and be sure to enter the giveaway and maybe you will go on the adventures with Bingo!


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