Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marion is Starting to Go Off on Her Own

Aaaah, poor Mallory.
Little Marion is starting to show her independence!
While she still needs her nanny for some milk, she is starting to get more and more of her food from eating hay and weeds like the big goats.

She has started grazing on her own.

It's something we mamma goats need to deal with as our kids get bigger.
It's hard.
You want to keep them small forever.
But that doesn't work.

They want to go out and stretch their goat legs.
They want to leap and hop and explore.

So we let go, but we teach them everything we can.
Like how to find the tastiest bit of grass.

Mallory has done this with Marion and she is ready to go and graze by herself.
But she still comes back to her nanny.
Just as the twins come back to Abby.

Because there is still so much to learn.


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