Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marion is a Great Explorer!

Little Marion is growing and therefore starting to explore the Farm.
Being a goat one of the things she most wants to explore is the hay pile!
I can't say that I blame her.
I really like the hay pile too - I mean it's fully of yummy hay!
How could any goat resist.

She hopped right up there - well as high as her little goat legs would let her hop.

She explored around a bit 

and then she hopped down!

But of course she hopped right back up again.

Her mother gave her some pointers on the best hay to eat.

She tried it out and found it to be YUMMY!

Then she hopped down and went off to explore other places.
I don't know if you noticed in the first photo but she has already learned how to give....

The Goat Stare of Death!
She is obviously a quick learner.

It's great to be a kid.


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