Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Last Adventures of the Twins on the Farm

We are all sad that the twins have left but as I said they have gone to a very nice Farm. They did have some fun adventures in their last week here and I want to share them with you this week as a way of saying good bye to them.   So here goes with the first adventure:  

Daddy Won't Mind

Timmy and Lew decided one day that their daddy, Luke the goat would not mind if they went in and had a visit in his goat pen.
So they snuck in through one of the small holes in his fence.

The first thing they did when they were in there was to investigate his food bowl.
And what did they do then?

They ate their daddy's grain!
Oh my!

The next thing they did was go over and investigate their daddy's hay pile.

They were really having quite the munch.

Little Lew was asking Little Timmy if he thought this was a good idea when....

Luke the goat arrived on the scene!

It was at this point that the boys decided they should leave their daddy to his hay pile
and they skidaddled.

Smart kids!


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