Monday, June 21, 2010

Wood You Like to Play?

The male person is a very busy man.He has his job as fire chief.
He is building the yurt for the publicist.
He is growing the garden so we goats can eat all of the yummy leaves. 

He does not have a lot of spare time right now and won't until he gets the yurt finished so he decided that instead of going into the tasty woods this year and cutting his own firewood he would buy some. The man with the wood came yesterday with the first cord.

Mmmm, wood.
You know we goats love a good munch of wood.
Fiber, you know.

And we like to climb.

But first we nibble.

Mmmm, larch!
Matthew liked it too.

Then the twins discovered the new pile of wood!

They were all over it!

Timmy seems to be saying, "over here Timmy! I see a good piece to taste."

After a while I got bored with the wood and snuck off to eat erm, elsewhere.
I know you can't see me in my secret munching place!

Abby was more interested in eating grass.

Sarah thought she could help the male person stack the wood.

Matthew gave the "goat stare of death" to everyone and was king of the wood pile.

For a while.....

It was a very fun way to spend an afternoon. The twins even took a spin on the OLD wood pile!

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as we did.
Remember to eat your fiber! It is good for your stomachs.


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