Sunday, June 27, 2010

Marion the Goat Sees the Sun

The publicist let Mallory and little Marion rest in the barn today.
Mallory was tired and was nervous with a brand new kid.
Little Marion wanted to just eat and sleep.

But the publicist wanted to get some better pictures of Marion so she brought her out in the sun for a little bit. She didn't bring her down to introduce her to us big goats yet. She knows how we are and little Marion is not ready to meet us yet.  She is also small enough to be carried away by a bald eagle and we wouldn't want that to happen!

Marion was happy to be out in the sun but Mallory was a bit nervous.

Especially when they heard a noise!

But it was only a chicken in the grass; nothing to worry about.
Mallory really loves her new kid. She licks and licks her.

Marion wanted to explore a bit, though - you know what kids are like!

She especially wanted to explore the publicist's camera. 

That or she is ready for her close up!

There will be lots more photos of Marion the goat in the days to come. I think it will be very interesting when she meets her half-brothers Lew and Timmy. I hope you enjoyed seeing more of Marion the goat.


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