Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Someone Watching Over Me?

I was out for my graze and as I was enjoying the grass I felt like I was being watched.
It was a very odd feeling.
I thought I would try and see if anyone was spying on me. I tried to look nonchalant - I pretended I was scratching an itch - aren't I a smart doe?

but I didn't see anything.
I went back to my grazing but still felt like I was being watched. Then I thought to look up and what did I see?

Sherpa the Farm Cat and Harry the Farm Kitten sitting in the window!
Spying on me!

Silly kitties!

I think they liked it up there because they stayed in the window for quite some time.

I decided I would sit down and rest and ruminate on this cat spying.

I am not sure this is a good thing.
How would you feel if you were being spied on by these two?

Scary, huh?

Tomorrow:  It's AbbyDay!


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