Monday, June 21, 2010

I Have an Announcement!

The publicist has told me that I have to do some work.
She thinks that I should not be fully retired yet.
She seems to think that since I am not being milked I should do something more around this Farm. 
I don't get it. I am a SpokesGoat.
I eat hay.
I keep the twins in line. Isn't that enough?

Apparently not for her. She seems to think I should now be a product reviewer. So she has signed me up to review something from

I doubt they will send me apples.
I could do an excellent review of apples.

They will probably want me to look at a bathroom vanity or something.
Now the publicist has a very pretty vanity in her bathroom but I AM A GOAT FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! The publicist likes this one...

It does look good enough to munch. 
I guess I am now going to be a ReviewGoat.


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