Friday, June 25, 2010

AbbyDay - I'm Back and It's All About ME

I know I was back last week but I had to introduce the new Farm kitten.
This week it is all about ME.
Me, glorious me!

That seems to be a topic that has been missing from the blog lately.
I mean, WHAT could be more interesting than ME?

And more beautiful for that matter. I mean, just look at me!

I am the picture of goat perfection.
There is no other goat on this Farm that looks as good.
Even when I am munching away I am something to see.

I also want it known that I have lost all of my kid fat and I am back to my gorgeous, svelte self.  It did not take me long either.


I am very glad to be back on the blog. I enjoyed my time off but a doe has to earn her keep. I was a touch upset when the publicist wouldn't let me blog about me last week.But I am not going to stay mad at her.

Well, not for too long anyway.

I even went into Pricilla's secret munching place - Pssst, don't tell Pricilla!

There is some mighty tasty eating in there.

So now you have seen all of my sides but my best side. Not that all of my sides aren't my best I will leave you with a perfect photo of perfect me.

I hope you enjoyed this REAL AbbyDay!


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