Sunday, May 30, 2010

Timmy Explores the Goat Pen

The rain continued today but it wasn't as bad; more like a light drizzle.
The publicist let us out of our pens in the barn and erm, convinced us it might be a good idea to go down to the outside goat pens.

We took some convincing but we finally went outside.

The publicist felt badly for poor Abby being stuck in the barn with the kids so later in the afternoon when the rain stopped completely for a while (ten minutes to be exact) she brought the twins down to meet the herd.

This did not go well.
There is no photographic evidence as the publicist was too busy trying to keep Matthew and Mallory from killing the twins.
Sarah and Norah just ran away.

Then she put all of us big goats out for a graze while yelling some words I cannot use on a family blog at Matthew and Mallory.

The twins are fine.
In fact little Timmy is quite the intrepid explorer.
And I think he is going to be a hopper like his Uncle Kevin.

Even though he is only 3 days old here just watch his form!

He checks his "hurdle."

He runs 

He hops!


His little goat legs still have some strengthening to do.
Silly Timmy!
But he will learn.

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Tomorrow:  Kiducation - When Timmy Met Stinky


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