Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet the Twins!

As you can imagine it was an exciting day around here yesterday.
I think those of us waiting had more fun than Abby but that is the way of kids.
So without further ado, I present to you my grandkids, Timmy and Lew!

As you can see Timmy looks rather like Luke.

And Lew looks like Abby.

Isn't that funny?
They are very cute and very small. One tends to forget just how small little goatlings are.
It's nice to have twins on the Farm. It will be fun to watch them playing together.

They came out of the barn for a little while today.

I think they liked exploring. I am sure the world looks mighty big to them!

I am not sure, but Timmy might have blue eyes. That would be interesting.

Even if they are not blue, he is a cutie pie!

Lew has just the lightest sprinkling of fairy dust on his ears.

I am not the least bit prejudiced about my grandkids.
Oh, no!

Abby is a good nanny. When the rooster crowed she went right to attention to make sure nothing hurt her kids!

Then little Lew settled in for a drink of nice, rich milk.

There will be lots of photos over the next few days. 
Of course!
And a bit of video tomorrow.
These kids are destined to be STARS!

Welcome to the Farm Timmy and Lew!
Welcome to the Farm.


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