Monday, May 31, 2010

Kiducation - Learning to Interact with Other Species

Before I start today's Kiducation post I want to wish all of you humans out there a very


I hope you all have a lovely day.

As you know we have other animals here on the Farm.
There are the chickens.
Then there are the Farm cats.
Little Timmy and little Lew had a big day when they came out of the barn for the first time.
While wandering around Timmy discovered a very strange creature lying on the ground.
He went over to investigate.

He gave it a good looksee
I think he decided he didn't like what he saw!

Oh well. Maybe the next time they meet Timmy will be bigger than Stinky and feel a little safer. 
Silly Timmy!
Stinky didn't even get up off the ground!

Kids have so much to learn.
It's good we older goats are here to teach them.


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