Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's MY Turn to Talk About the New Goats on the Farm

That Abby. She hardly mentioned my beautiful Sarah yesterday. But that's Abby!
I was of course, thrilled that my Sarah was back on the Farm.
She was a bit nervous at first.
I don't think she recognized me!
Can you imagine such a thing?
She butt me!

ME! Her own nanny!

Well, I soon showed her who was bossgoat!

After that I have to admit I was a bit of lovesick goat because I wanted her to remember me and love me like I loved her.

I followed her everywhere trying to lick her like she was a baby again.
I don't think she appreciated it.
But a nanny is a nanny until she dies.

And kids frustrate their parents no matter the species, right?

Sarah finally jumped up on the spool to erm, survey her domain. That's it! She wasn't trying to get away from me. No, not at all.

Would you run away from this face?

I didn't think so!

Tomorrow: Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats


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