Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interview with Nora the Goat

Since I interviewed my kid Sarah it is only fair that I also interview Nora the goat too. She is my grandkid after all.

So Nora, are you happy to be back on the Farm?

Yes I am. I was happy to see my nanny again. I was only a very little kid when I left the Farm. I was born here just like Sarah. Michael the goat was my daddygoat.

 You were a very cute kid. Now that you are older you look a lot like your nanny. What do you think of that?

I think it's pretty cool. I know that publicist lady has trouble telling us apart at a distance. But my fur is a bit thicker and I do have more white spots than my nanny.

Do you know how you got your name?

Yes! I was named for the publicist lady's best friend. She said that she didn't have any children so the least she could do was name a goat after her.  I don't know if her friend was happy or not. But I am a pretty goat so she should be a proud goat aunt.

Did you like it at your old Farm?

Oh, it was so very nice! The people treated us like queengoats! We had lots of room to roam and so much yummy green grass to eat. In the winter there was tasty hay. I was sad to leave them because they gave me pats on the head and a good home but if I had to go anywhere coming back home was the best place for me!

Were you happy to see your nanny again?

I was, but it took me a little while to recognize her. It has been two years you know! It was a little confusing meeting everyone all at once. But I did like meeting Luke the goat - he's cute.

Ah-hem! Luke the goat is MY studmuffin! When did you meet Luke?!

That publicist lady took me over to meet him but I was still too nervous and our samba didn't go too well.

HARUMPH! I think I will end this interview now. 
I may go and have a word or two with Luke. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about Nora the goat. 
I think I learned a bit too much!

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


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