Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey Publicist, Hey, Hey, Hey! Hey Publicist!

It was an exciting day when Sarah and Nora came back to the Farm.
But I think that perhaps Matthew was feeling a bit left out because everyone was fussing over the new arrivals.

The publicist was standing by the spools and I think he was trying to get her attention

What do you think?

He kept tapping her with his hoof
Then he butt her with his head

and he did it again!

He was very insistent.

And then, then!

He BIT her hood!

Even Mallory was shocked at his behavior.
Can you imagine such a thing?!

I guess he realized he was being a bad kid because he leaned over to give her a goat kiss and then he jumped down to play with Nora and Sarah.

Silly Matthew.

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


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