Monday, May 24, 2010

Chickucation - The New Chicks are Growing!

Since Abby does not seem to want to give birth I am going to Chickucate you today about the new little chicks that are still living in the publicist's basement.

Boy are those little birdies growing!

It must be all the chick starter they are eating. Chick starter is a special food that the baby chicks get until they are ready to start laying. It has all the vitamins, amino acids and minerals they need. 

Then they move to a layer mix which has calcium in it to help the shells on their eggs form.

They are very cute and their wing feathers are starting to come in. In fact the publicist found two of them roaming around OUTSIDE of their brooder!

Silly chicks!

It is good they are growing so big and strong. 
The publicist apologizes for the photos - the little chicks are constantly in motion and very hard to photograph.


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